August 25, 2012

A Facebook Post that Became a Blog Post

I read this article  by Tom Delisle and a couple things come to mind. Gibby would veto the trade because of the way Sparky Anderson (1995) and Trammell and Gibby themselves (2005) were treated by the organization. 

Strange doings when the Tigers changed hands in '92 (e.g. the Bo regime, firing Ernie Harwell, etc.) and throughout the '90s into the Twenty–first Century. I am the biggest Tigers fan (DIE HARD) but I don't think Gibby will come back until the team is in different hands. 

And, with the roster, it's not hard to imagine Dave Dombrowski and Jim Leyland et. al. all being unemployed if the team fails to make the playoffs. But, it won't be Gibby coming back anytime soon. 

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