June 21, 2012

Summer's Here and the Time is RIGHT …

I have to find a way to write more. I like myself when I write more because I think I get a lot of thoughts out of my head that are cluttering things up. I suppose you could argue that the only types of thoughts in my head are about the Tigers, rock 'n' roll, and education. Well, maybe that's accurate …

But, I also like to sit around a fire and enjoy relaxing. I know that most of us don't relax enough. I built the above fire up at Redneck Revival with some good friends. The event was held somewhere near Big Rapids. We had a great time out in the woods — in the middle of nowhere.

Cedar Point was a great time last week-end. Another time that I'm able to relax — something about being out of control on all the roller coasters and RipCord that eases the mind. We shopped at Meijer a couple times and I was shocked that it was like a trip back in time because the Meijer there is more like a Thrifty Acres from the early '90s. They're way behind … Not to mention that the signs outside are beat right up.

I think those three–trailer trucks are awesome. 

Is this a cool shirt, or what? 

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