November 02, 2011


Maybe it's reflection. Maybe it's rambling.

I'm a lifelong Tiger fan. At least I'm not a Cubs fan, I guess. Being a Cubs fan is a lot like being a Lions fan. And I guess I'm only a Lions fan because I live in Michigan. Right?

I still think "Hot Blooded" is one of the greatest rock 'n' roll songs. Foreigner got it right on the LP. I became interested in KISS because of the song "Hot Blooded," which I misunderstood as "Burning Up With Fever" by Gene Simmons of KISS — and ended up with Gene's solo album back in early '79. And an interest in KISS was born, in a first grader. Thanks, mom!

"My Life" by Billy Joel is probably my all time favorite song, though. Still think it's great after all these years. Another song that a first grader thought was great. Really, though, there was some good music made back then.

I liked the Pirates back then. Just because of the hat. And Dave Parker. He was cool.

This isn't a ramble on '79. At least I don't think so. 

Let's jump around. 

My first job was cool, working for my dad being more or less a gopher. He was the tile guy — still is — and I did whatever I was supposed to do. That was around the time I was 15. It was fun, despite being hard work. I think it was Dad's way of encouraging me to go to college. 

First outside the family job was as a houseman at the Resort in Acme. I loved that job and still have great memories of it. It led to bar runner, bar tender, pool bar manager, etc. A great job and it provided a lifelong skill. That was from '88 until '94 when I finally graduated college. 

Almost didn't make it that far, though, because six weeks into my freshman year, I called Mom and said, "I'm coming home to bartend. I hate college." Things got better and now I have three college degrees. 

I could ramble on forever. But I have to go finish packing so I can get on a plane to Vegas to go celebrate turning 40 on Friday. 

Ramble on ... 

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