August 10, 2011

Flashback … Oh What a Season!

I expressed my frustration on April 30 — the day after the Tigers gave up the walk–off grand slam. 

SANTANA … Carolos Santana, Tiger killer (Photo credit: SD DIRK via Flickr)

The Tigers have played well for much of the season and are still in first place. This series against the Indians is important. The Tigers have to take two of three and leave town still four games up.

I cannot argue with Mike Illitch's decision to tender new contracts to Mr. Dombrowski and Mr. Leyland. Since the guys have been together, the Tigers have been in first place for much of the time — though they've made the playoffs only once and never finished in first place. Dombrowski is a solid GM; however, Leyland doesn't seem to "have it" as  a manager anymore.

I think the Tigers will hold on and win the division in 2011, then anything can happen in the playoffs.

With JV chucking … look out!!!

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