March 05, 2011

Coke Is It

Coke by Rick Rock Radio
Coke a photo by Rick Rock Radio on Flickr.
The Tigers have had some interesting players in the past. Some have been good for quotes, some just did some quirky things.

David "Boomer" Wells was an interesting teammate for the mid-90s Tigers. Phil Coke kind of reminds me of Boomer. Coke is interesting, but he plays the game to have fun.

Like Wells pitching a great game wearing Babe Ruth's hat, I could see Coke announcing that he wore Al Kaline's hat when he pitched the clinching game for the 2011 American League Championship — against the Yankees (the team that traded him to the Tigers).

He's been fun to talk to at Spring Training, and I've enjoyed the numerous articles about him. Tom Gage of the Detroit News has covered him well in both the News and on his blog.

Here's hoping that COKE IS IT in the D!

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