March 01, 2011

The Allegiance

We were only two hours from America's fun park. What were we going to do, turn around and go home? 

Our goal was to get to Disney World on Monday. Would we make it? 

We were told we would be leaving soon. We didn’t believe it. We drove back 10 feet. Forward 10 feet. It was merciless. The flight crew couldn’t answer any questions, and didn’t try. They were frustrated. One told us, “Hey, we can’t time out. Only the pilots can.” The weather continued to get uglier and uglier by the minute. We could count 12 vehicles plowing snow at one point.

We didn’t even realize that our counterparts were waiting for us in Florida. They wanted to get out, too. To get home. We just wanted to go on vacation.

The weather was here. It wasn't beautiful. 

An hour ticked by. Two hours. I tried to call Allegiant Air’s customer service a couple times. Finally, I got through. I explained that I needed a phone number so I could talk to someone who could make a decision about our flight. We didn’t really want to head out in the weather.

After telling me there was no number I could call, I convinced her that there actually were some numbers she could give up. I told her one of the flight attendants was going to give me the Operations Number if no one would help me. She gave me a number to try. Of course, the office was closed, but I left a message asking that someone call.

The sign says it all ... Delayed! 

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