January 08, 2011

Daily strategist

Strategy. What does it mean?

Photo courtesy of SewPixie via Flickr.

A strategy is a plan. Really, strategy is the plan of attack.

Every day, you should begin with a strategy.

One thing I like to encourage people to do is to write a list of what you need to do on any particular day, then to set out to complete the list. This is similar to the old Franklin Planner technique where one would list activities and give them a priority letter, like A, B, C, or D, then begin to attack that list. Of course, you would attack the A–level items first because they were "high priority."

I try to write a list every day, then see how much of it can be accomplished. I keep a Google calendar (actually several) as well as a Moleskine weekly calendar. It's important to be organized, but it's important, also, to keep track of your schedule.

Plan. Do. Execute. Plan again.

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