December 06, 2010

Werth It?

I cannot believe the contract that Jayson Werth received from the Washington Nationals. $126 millions for seven years: the same contract awarded to Barry Zito and Vernon Wells. Maybe Werth can make that amount worth it, but it's the bad luck contract so far.

Official MLB photo

Of course, if Werth hits .285 with 25 HR and 85 RBI, then he's earned his yearly salary, right? I don't think his career highs are much better than that. He reminds me — statistically — of Kirk Gibson. Gibby never put up HUGE numbers, but he put up solid numbers and was a team leader. Maybe teams see leadership in Werth, but I don't know if it warrants that kind of money.

Werth got the contract, though, so good for him … I'm just glad the Detroit Baseball Club of the American League didn't dish it out!

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