August 27, 2010

The Mystery of the Appearing Sign

They named the old field Keats R. Wood Athletic Field back in '85. The new field will open 25 years later, on the corner of Deaner and Caris. The original word was that it would also be called Keats R. Wood Athletic Field. The old sign from the old field that was removed several years ago suddenly showed up in the bleachers this summer. I know because the field is built right across the street from our home in Vestaburg.

We watched the field grow from a few plowed down trees to some steel girders and finally bleachers. They're going to open the new field tonight against the Breckenridge Huskies. It's a long story, but the Huskies had agreed to join the Mid State Athletic Conference a few years ago, then went back on their word and joined a league east of them with their friends in St. Louis, Ithaca, and Shepherd. 

In '95, I arrived at Vestaburg as a young, going to change the world teacher. I taught English and journalism for a few years before moving on to serving the district as an athletic director. I enjoyed the job, formed many relationships, and am still proud to say I used to be a Wolverine. I still route for the red and white — unless they were playing the green and white. I won't be rooting for the Wolverines when the host the Buckley Bears in a volleyball tournament in October, either ... 

I left Vestaburg in 2002, when the idea of a new athletic complex was still a dream. Many of you will remember that I had the blueprint on the wall in my office and the person who replaced me as AD did as well. 

Hopefully, someone will figure out where the Keats R. Wood sign came from. It's pretty cool that somebody had it out there when it seemingly went in the dumpster several years ago. Good luck to Coach John Huckins and Assistant Coach Steve Lott as the Wolverines christen the new field tonight. 

It was a long time coming ... 

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josephpetepickle said...

Hey! I bought your record player! Just thought I would say hey!

I stumbled across your blog and thought that I would say hey. Interesting post! That signs reappearing is a mystery. I wondered where it came from, even though I knew nothing about it!