June 17, 2010

A little ditty about Jack & Diane

Two American Kids Doin' ... Best They Can

Believe it or not, I still haven't bought John Mellencamp's career-spanning box set, On the Rural Route 7609. I have much of the rare material, though not all of it. It's a pricey set, but possibly worth it. I have already read the liner notes and have seen many of the photos. I'd like to hear some of the "rare" tunes, but don't know if it's worth the $99. I found it on Barnes and Noble for $70, but the next day it was $79. Still not sure it's worth it.

I suppose as you get older, priorities change. It's not like we can "hold on to 16 as long as we can ... cause changes come around soon, make us women and men ... "

As I once wrote, John Mellencamp will always be John Cougar to me ... 

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