May 03, 2010

Life is a whirlwind. I won't beleaguer that. 

 Life is a highway, and we've been driving it lately!

I will tell you about last week–end, though. 

Friday night, I met Lori and John Huckins (heretofore referred to as "Huck") at Latitudes in Howard City, Michigan. From there, Huck and I headed to the Intersection in Grand Rapids for the Shooter Jennings & Hierophant concert.

 Rock? Country? News? It's Shooter and Hierophant's new LP, Black Ribbons. 

We didn't really want to watch the opening act, so we were sitting in the lobby discussing the current state of our states and all of the impact on them (as well as the unintended consequences of ... ah, never mind ... ) The deejay from B93 walked by. Her name was Britta Cleveland.

I shouted, "Hey do you have any freebies." I don't really know why, but it seemed like a great question at the time. She walked over and started to talking with Huck and me. We talked about music, how today's country is yesterday's rock and how Garth Brooks capitalized in 1989 on what John Mellencamp sold in 1987 and all that jive. I also mentioned that Mellencamp has a box set coming out in June, but at $90, this is one major JM can that won't be buying the box ...

Anyway, Britta suddenly asked, "Do you want to go back stage?"

We said ... "No, we've done that before ... "

OK, we didn't really say that.

"Sure. You sure it's ok?"

We walked backstage, right into Bryan Keeling and Ted Russell Kamp. Bryan drums, and Kamp is the rest of the rhythm section.

I walked over to Bryan and said, "Bryan, thanks for getting us in. Much appreciated."

He said, "Rick no problem." This is where I mention that Steven Douglas Losey, who I met back in '06 on the side of the road near Coldwater, Mich., helped out by calling Bryan and having me put on the list.

We had already talked to Ted earlier, but he said, "Rick and John, how are you guys?" (Huck can be referred to as "John" when quoted).

The guys introduced themselves to Britta and Bryan said, "You mean like the water filter." I had thought it earlier, but didn't say it. I thought it was funny that he did. She said, "Yeah, like the filter." I think it was the first time she heard the question.

On with the show. We had to leave. Well, the band had to take the stage, so we could either take it with them, or we could leave the backstage area. I turned and found out I was standing right next to Shooter Jennings. Of course, I said nothing, but probably had a funny look on my face.

The show was solid; they played the entire new album (Black Ribbons), then did five other songs. The crowd was much more familiar with the "old" stuff.

On to Saturday. Saturday was "trash day" in Vestaburg. It was also prom for Central Montcalm (Court's school) and Buckley (my school.) I took three loads of trash to the county garage. I wasn't the only one taking three loads over there, either. Many people did. Lots of trash. I appreciated talking with many folks I hadn't talked with much since I left Vestaburg in 2002. The coordinators of the trash day did a nice job of organizing all the trash — and keeping things moving pretty well.

Court and Lori. Hey kid, nice hat!

We had to go to Clifford Lake Inn at 4:00 for pictures with Courtney and Keiffer. We took several, and found many spots for great pictures. We had planned to take pictures of many of Court's friends, but they were running late and we had to leave by 4:30 in order to get up to The Great Wolf Lodge to have dinner with the folks at Buckley's prom. We arrived at about 6:40, but were in plenty of time.

It was a busy week–end, but well worth it.

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