April 01, 2010

Spring Training Report from Lakeland, Florida

It's good to be back in Lakeland, Florida, watching the Tigers battle and prepare for the upcoming season.

Get used to this: Johnny Damon will score runs for the Detroit Nine.

We've been able to talk to some of the players and to Al Avila and Dave Dombrowski. Jose Valverde seems like a pretty cool guy — approachable and energetic. I haven't talked with Johnny Damon yet, but he seems to like playing for the Tigers. Plus, he seems to be a clutch hitter. Phil Coke is a cool guy. He was clean cut and all that with the Yankees, but he has long hair and a Goose Gossage mustage for the Tigers. He seems to have character.

 Coke is it! Phil Coke has character and will be a good addition to the Tigers. .

Everything is looser in Spring Training. Even Al Kaline hangs out in the Tigers dugout and helps keep thing moving smoothly. Yesterday, we ended up using Willie Horton's seats because he was sitting with Mr. Illitch in the Illitch's suite. 

 Al Kaline, #6.

More updates coming soon from Lakeland.

Let's go Tigers. It's time to roar.

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