April 13, 2010

Johnny Cougar's Chestnut Street Incident

I visited Chicago in 1992 and went to about 20 different Rose's Record Stores looking for hard to find John Mellencamp albums.

At the time, I was collecting lots of vinyl and hoping to build a good selection of music. It was the era when CDs were first coming around and digital music was unheard of (basically). One album, Chestnut Street Incident, was especially hard to find. Apparently, only 12,000 were printed and they were rare.

Not only did I look in Chicago, but I went to flea markets in Drayton Plains, Buckley, and several other places; I looked frequently at Goodwill ... you know, hoping to come across a great deal. One time, I did find a Billy Joel album that was supposed to be Piano Man, but was actually the rare (RARE) chipmunk sounding debut solo album Cold Spring Harbor

I never found the album, though it eventually arrived on CD.

But, in Lakeland a couple weeks ago, we went to a used vinyl store. I was looking through the "C"s and happened across the album. I thought about not even buying it just because I'm not avidly looking. Sure, I have lots of cool collectibles, but they're only worth something to me.

I couldn't help myself, though, and bought the album.

Now, if I can just find a bottle of Pepsi Light …

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