March 24, 2010

The Tigers and 2010

Let's hope the Tigers don't worry too much about the Twins, White Sox, or Royals. Let's hope that they decide that the only team that can beat them is ... themselves. That's the team that beat them last September and October.

The Tigers have made some decent moves, despite the early off season concerns. The Tigers are putting together a solid group of baseball players, who might just challenge for the Central Division title. I sure hope so.

We're not too far from Opening Day, but I'll be checking out some baseball action sooner than later. We're flying out to Florida on Saturday afternoon and will be able to catch some Tigers games at Joker Marchant (and maybe a road show or two) during the week we're down there.

Here's hoping that Johnny Damon gets to become the king of the idiots once again.

(Not to mention the potential of that pitching staff ... )

Go Tigers!!!

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