March 05, 2010

Slick Fast Thunderbird

Bad habits developed over 10 years are hard to break. Thunderbird is a bad habit for me. 
You can download it by clicking right here. 

I'm moving content from one computer to another. I've developed some bad habits during the past 10 years … I use Firefox to browse and Thunderbird to email. I even tried to change to a new system in my new district. I really tried for a couple of weeks to become an Outlook user. It's not me, so I decided I had to find a way to use Thunderbird with IMAP functionality. IMAP allows information to stay on the actual website it's located within so great amounts of information are not downloaded to a computer (mail takes up lots of room, believe it or not). I worked with the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District to arrive at the functionality. And Thunderbird works great, plus you can add add ons. If I were to recommend any add ons for T'Bird, they would be:

  1. Allow local addresses 1.1
  2. Lightning 1.0b1 (so I can use Google Calendar with T'Bird)
  3. Provider for Google Calendar .6B1
  4. Mailbox Alert 0.13.2
These add ons make T'Bird work incredibly. If you're not using Mozilla's best email program, consider giving it a try. It's solid.

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