January 03, 2010

Resolution? Not Me. I'd Rather Just Make Something Happen!

Did you make a New Year's Resolution?

Are you as excited about the road ahead as I am?

I didn't make any resolutions, either. Never have, never will. I'm not sure why I never have, but it just doesn't interest me. Normally, I set goals and strive to achieve them. You have to know your direction and plan things accordingly.

Am I looking forward to the new year? You bet I am.

Things are going to change ... and change quickly. (I can't believe I just started a sentence with "Things are ...") Change is in the air. The winds of change are upon us (nice cliche, eh?) I'm looking forward to the new opportunities that will open up in 2010 and beyond.

It's hard to believe that I graduated from Central Michigan University 15 years ago. I've learned a great deal during those 15 years, first at Vestaburg then at Central Montcalm. I've been a teacher, coach, athletic director, curriculum director, assistant principal, principal, special projects coordinator ... I've had vast experiences in these first 15 years.

I graduated from Elk Rapids in 1990 and basically stayed down in the mid–Michigan area beginning in the fall of 1992, my junior year at CMU. I've been in this area for a long time now. I've watched the mid–sized town of Mt. Pleasant grow into a little city. I get my haircut at Woody's in Mt. Pleasant, and have since it was Switzer's in 1993. Brian Plemel, college roommate and now HR person at Harley–Davidson, took me there during the summer.

Twenty–ten is a new beginning. It will be a time for hellos and good–byes. It's a time to change things up, turn things over ... Make something happen. That's my favorite thought lately: MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN. We can't stand still anymore, waiting.

Twenty–ten (Sally Ketchum, high school English teacher, would have told me not to start consecutive paragraphs with the same words ...) required bold, passionate leadership. Twenty–ten will require hard work, determination, and focus.

Are you ready for twenty–ten?

The Heitmeyers in 2004 during Christmas in Elk Rapids. A lot changed in five years.


Brad said...

good luck to you and the family with your new opporetunities...you are going to do great things...dont forget about us little people.

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