January 10, 2010

Baseball Season is Almost Upon Us

The Tigers are almost ready to get rolling on the upcoming season. Things have desperately changed since the sudden end to the Detroit nine's season.

It was 34 years ago the Mark Fidrych shocked the world with an incredible rookie season, including 24 complete games. Many people believe he blew his arm out during the '76 season; however, it really was a knee injury the following Spring Training while he was shagging fly balls in the outfield that began the end.

I was a youngster in 1976 and remember the "summer of the Bird." It was crazy. He was all over the place: on TV, radio, in newspapers. Not only that, but everyone had a tee–shirt with "the Bird."

What an incredible summer it was. It was an early introduction to baseball for me. Mark Fidrych was one of my original "favorites." Curtis Granderson, jettisoned to the New York Yankees recently, was one of my favorites, as well. So much so, that we recently named our new cat after him.

Grandy was the face of the franchise. Baseball is a different game that 34 years ago ... The loyalty from team to player and player to team is gone. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that it's a different game — driven by financial implications.

Wow, I'm starting to get going here ... So, I'll conclude by saying I'm getting ready for the baseball season and hopeful that the Tigers' influx of youth pays off and they surprise everyone. We'll see what happens.

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brad said...

exactly right....change change change...so much change..i wonder just how many games the rickster will get to this summer to see the detroit nine....going to have to add about 2 hours to your current drive to the copa....