December 09, 2009


In retrospect, the Tigers should have released Magglio Ordonez during his struggles last season. Sure, there is the chance that he will have a decent season in 2010, but the old Magglio is all done. Curtis Granderson will put up solid numbers in New York. Ordonez is going to make $18 million, while the players the Cats acquired for Granderson and Edwin Jackson won't make much.

Curtis Granderson will roam center field in NYC.

Dave Dombrowski tried to sign players longterm — and they just haven't panned out: Dontrelle Willis, Nate "Dogg" Robertson, Jeremy Bonderman, Carlos Guillen ... The Tigers have many, many bad contracts that they're dealing with. Ordonez is not the exception to the rule here. Apparently, the Tigers can't afford the $10-12 million Granderson and Jackson would have required in 2010.

Why do I say "in retrospect?" Because the Tigers did not win the American League Central. Had the team won the ALC, then keeping Ordonez may have made sense (he hit his 9th HR in game 163), but he's going to earn way too much money. If Miguel Cabrera has a season like '09, then he's severely overpaid, as well.

I'm wondering how long Mike Illitch will keep Dave Dombrowski around. Beside drafting great arms, his trades and free agent signings haven't really paid off. In a related note, I had heard a rumor about a couple of Tigers pitchers being pulled over and reprimanded for smoking with their left hands by some of Detroit's finest. One of the players has been jettisoned out west and the other may soon be moved (because the team added a few other left handed relievers the other day).

I always suspected something was amiss with Edwin Jackson because he was tagged as "can't miss" by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Then, after a solid season in St. Pete, he was quickly dealt to the Bengals for a outfield prospect. Now, he's been traded.

I'll miss Curtis Granderson because he was a gentleman, solid ball player, and team leader. I talked to him a few different times during Spring Training and he's a solid fellow who's driven to be successful. Great pick–up by the Yankees. But the prospect haul by the Tigers could reap rewards.

(I think Cecil Fielder finally won a World Series after the Tigers jettisoned him to the Yankees in 1996 for a washed–up Ruben Sierra and a fringe prospect. Right?)

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