December 21, 2009

Deconstructing the Deconstruction

Remember when the city of Detroit bought Tiger Stadium from the Fetzers, then leased it back to the family for $1 a year? You know, looking back and knowing what we know now, there must have been some unique benefit to the plan for the city.

Perspective. Theirs. Yours. Mine.

Last blog about Tiger Stadium this year. I sorta promise.

Does anyone else think it's weird that it took 10 years to raze the big old battle ship?

How about this weirdness factor? For nine years, it sat with scant activity.

Suddenly, in July 2008, a construction company showed up and started taking things apart with big old Tonka trucks. I mean "real" Tonkas. The previous fall, an auction company started selling off the old urinals and seats and funny signs. No one ever found the "Visitors Lock Room — No Visitors Allowed" sign, though.

The Stadium had some deconstruction done. And rumors were that some cool things were possibly going to happen at the Corner. They left the Stadium from dugout to dugout. Talk was of a museum, or little league field, or other options.

Suddenly, though, in June 2009, the place was getting completely razed. Nothing cool would be happening. The City Council of Detroit made a quick decision (how can it be quick after 10 years, you ask) to get rid of everything.

Sorry, I smell a rat.

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