November 11, 2009

Detroit Photo Essay

The movie Red Dawn is being filmed mostly in Michigan. Detroit has been home to the new movie since early October.

"They" are tearing down the historic Lafayette Building in Detroit. It's another in a series of buildings or places that are torn down in "the D."

If you want to enjoy a real, honest to goodness Detroit Coney Island, you have to try them at Lafayette Coney Island. It's a Detroit staple.

The Packard Motel, right in the shadows of the Packard Plant, which closed in 1956. It's still there.

The inside of one of the many buildings still open to the public at the Packard Plant. Very interesting piece of Americana ...

The sign in the road at the Heidelberg Project.

The "car of the future" and ... an old, abandoned car.

The Heidelberg Project.

Lori was able to think outside the box and paint on the Dotty Wotty house in Detroit.

An American icon.

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