October 25, 2009

Sunday Driving (and then some)

It's late October, the weather is chilly and rainy, and the leaves are changing colors and quickly falling to the ground. It's the time of year that we rake leaves and prepare for winter's snowy arrival.

This car is absolutely fabulous. It's located on Old US–131, south of Big Rapids.

We did some winterizing work around our house the last couple of week–ends. My parents came to town and Dad and I tore out the old garage door and installed a new one. Then, we had to do some adjustments within the garage to make the door work well. One thing led to another ... and we build some new shelves, moved some items, and started along the decluttering avenue I've been looking forward to.

Lori and I have done some driving lately and stopped to take some pictures. Below, you'll find some of the places we've visited. We've driven around Vestaburg and Alma to Big Rapids and around. We've spent some time in Detroit and around Stanton. There's so much to see and do in our great state. But, so much of the State faces the bleak economic outlook: houses empty and businesses abandoned.

The cows don't like to leave their barn, even after the barn collapses around them.

Lake Marl in Vestaburg, Michigan.

Another view of Lake Marl in Vestaburg, Mich.

This is a river along Old US–131 north of Howard City.

Another view of the same river north of Howard City.

This tree is in our front yard. It's quickly losing its leaves.

It's like a giant Tonka ... and they keep playing with it every day. Looks like they're going to build a giant football field.

All around the mid–Michigan area, houses and businesses are closing. The economy is tough, and we see it (live it) every day. A drive through various locales shows you several businesses that are closed.

This business, located between Morley and Howard City, on Old US–131, is screaming for attention. I've driven by it many times, and finally stopped to snap a pic of it today.