October 16, 2009

Rick's Writing ... Process

This whole Rick's Writing Again writing process if fun for me. I wish I had the time (yea, I know, get up earlier) to write every day. Maybe someday ...

What is my process? Often, I'll write a "blog post" idea in my portable Moleskine notebook. I also try to take pictures that I think can lead to, or enhance, a blog post. A few times, I've built my post around the pictures.

I use Blogger to write and format my posts. I use Adobe PhotoShop CS2 to manipulate photos. I compose on my Dell 2350. It's several years old, and extremely slow. It's an antique and I could probably replace it with a much better model — one that will blow this one away — for about a quarter of the price I paid for this desktop model. Anyone who uses the computer says, "Wow, that's slow." The best comment, though: "If that were my computer, I think I'd shoot it. It's worthless." Funny, I move fast and I just have patience. It's helped me write many words over the years. And, it was "good" when it was new.

I usually write in the morning, with a cup or two of Tim Hortons coffee and a bowl of cereal. Sure, it used to be Sugar Bear (early '70s), then it was Cap'n Crunch ('80s, induced by Saturday morning TV; also when I wore Kangaroos), and Life (gotta grow up in college). Of course, I've tried eggs, bacon, all that good protein. Right now, it's a banana, blueberries, and cereal. By the time I've finished the coffee and cereal, I usually have something started.

Thanks for tuning in. One last thought: as you've gone out to eat lately and said, "Thank you," what answer to you get? I'm going to post about my new favorite annoyance, but I want to hear from you first ...

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