September 08, 2009

Shined Up and Ready to Learn

The first day of school. It's met by most with a sense of awe and the hope that the new school year brings great things. For kids, the new school year is probably more important to them than the first day of the year, because for them ... the year begins and ends with school.

I still have a tough time sleeping the night before the first day of school. I don't know why. It's an exciting time, but it's also that time when you think to yourself, "Did I remember to do this ..."

Buildings throughout Michigan will be full today ... Kids, back from summer vacations, excited to see their friends, walk through their schedule, meet their teacher. For many, it's a new grade, a new class. For some, it's a new school, a new district, a major change.

I'm excited as the new year dawns. Yesterday, I set up my office. A new office for the first time in five years. In a new building. A new beginning. I set out on a journey earlier in the summer (office–less; let me tell you: not the way to live!) as the Special Projects Coordinator at Central Montalm. It means I'll be leading curriculum, special education, State and Federal programs, school improvement, professional development ...

Summer went fast, if it happened at all. Many people were excited by 12–13 weeks off for the summer. It was a blur.

Now, football takes up Friday nights; kids are in bed at a "decent time" ; we're all ready to get ...

Back to the Grind!

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