September 28, 2009

The Annual "Grandpa" Game

At Grandpa Morgan's 90th birthday party in 2005, someone gave him vouchers to an upcoming Tigers game. On September 23, 2005, we went and watched the Tigers take on the Seattle Mariners. Grandpa and I enjoyed the game and the time spent together. Before the game, we had a Coke at Leo's Coney Dog and talked about our frustration with the Tigers. We figured Alan Trammell and his staff didn't have long left in the Tigers dugout.

A smile would have been nice from either of these "Richards." Grandpa Richard Morgan and grandson Rick Heitmeyer on August 3, 2005, in Clarkston, Mich., at Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party!

The next morning, Grandpa didn't feel so well. He battled hard and strong for the next few weeks, but it was an uphill climb. He never recovered and ended up passing away about a month later.

Each year on September 23, or the closest home game to that date, my mom and dad and Uncle John go see the Tigers to honor Grandpa. This year's game is especially cool because the Tigers are honoring the '84 World Champions. It's the 25th Anniversary of that incredible team. Back in October '84, Grandpa was able to secure tickets to the World Series for us. We all drove down and watched the Tigers battle the San Diego Padres.

From everything I've read, many of the '84 players will be there tonight, including Trammell and Kirk Gibson, both allowed to leave their teams to attend. So, we'll be in section 138 watching and cheering — but at the same time honoring a great man.

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