August 17, 2009

Tigers sign draft picks, think about Smoltz, acquire Huff from O's

Twitter worked for me tonight. Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman has reported that the Tigers signed their top two draft picks from the June draft. The deadline to sign draft picks is midnight. Jacob Turner and Andrew Oliver are now property of the Detroit Tigers. Dave Dombrowski and his draft team get it done every year. Here's hoping they keep up the great work and re–stock the system every year.

If the Tigers hold on, make the playoffs, and win the World Series, I would consider maybe thinking about getting the classic logo as a tattoo. I really would ...

Another quick thought, wouldn't poetic justice allow the Detroit Nine to sign John Smoltz to return 22 years later and do something special down the stretch as the Tigers make their playoff march? No, it didn't work out for him with the Red Sox, but a return to his home state and the team that drafted him might be just what the doctor ordered ...

I like the Aubrey Huff pick up. He's a good hitter, knocks in runs regularly, and has some versatility. I see him in the three hole in Jim Leyland's line–up. I bet he hits a home run tomorrow night and it will help the Tigers beat the Mariners.

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