August 15, 2009

The Tigers and the Remainder of the (Regular) Season

I remember watching WTBS back in the early '80s. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves were both in the American League West Division. I never understood why. And watching Smokey & the Bandit certainly made it clear that Atlanta is East. The advertising campaign had a slogan that said the Braves just can't beat the team they have to beat to win the division.

Another reference to Bruce Springsteen here: Talked to the Chicken Man in Philly last night ... He said he's made reservations for baseball in October in Detroit!!!

The Tigers have to play at a .617 pace the rest of the year to win 90 games. They would need to go 29-18 during their last 47 games. They have 26 games at home and 21 on the road. They're playing .672 ball at home right now and .400 on the road. Based on those percentages and their remain schedule, they should be able to go 27–20 if they continue as they've played. But let's pretend that Jarrod Washburn who hasn't been with the team all season provides a boost in two road starts and they win those games. Ninety games will win the Central. Then, it's all about pitching. Don't forget that Alex Avila may provide a spark at the plate ... and the Tigers could still acquire a bat to hit in the middle of the line–up.

Games remaining: 9 against the West, 28 against the Central, and 10 against the East. Of course, they'll have to get through the East teams to move on in the playoffs. Anything is possible once October baseball starts. Clicking on that thought, whoa, what a final week–end we could have when the ChiSox come to town to finish out the season October 2, 3, and 4. That could provide some seriously fun baseball.


Jim said...

Given the race it could be a year where 86 or 87 wins gets you to the playoffs. Regardless, this is going to be fun. There were too many years where we were out of it by the All Star Break.

Go Tigers.

Roger said...


Great analysis...Cherie and I will be watching.

Robb said...

HAHAHAH LMAO.....STHU...EAGLEONE....are you way should an 80 win team be allowed in the playoffs...unreal...