August 01, 2009

Grandpa and Grandson

Hunter, a four–year–old pre–schooler from Lansing introduced himself to me today.

"What's your name?" he said.

I talked to him and his grandpa. They were up from Lansing, but live in the harbor. Doing okay, I would presume.

Hunter was a nice little guy, talkative, and interested. He enjoyed running in the rain, grabbing candy, and even slapping five with Batman. Hey, you can't beat that opportunity when you're four!

I don't ever remember a Harbor Days Grande Parade that the rain squashed. And, this year is no exception.

At about ten to noon, the rain started falling. Then, it poured. The rain drenched many people, but most were prepared. Many doubted the weather report, though, and got soaked.

Hunter and his grandpa were prepared. All of us were prepared, too.

Mom said, "It never rains on our parade."

This year was an exception. But, it didn't get rained out.

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Tammy Jackson said...

I had a four year old introduce himself to me recently. He held out his hand and said " my name is Alex, and it is your pleasure to meet me".