August 04, 2009

The Art of Buyin' 37 Bottles of Soda Pop

Standing in line at a party store in Flint, Michigan, thinking about the "beat up" city, he looked forward and noticed that the bottle of Jones Soda has a familiar looking face. He stopped in his tracks. Well, he wasn't moving, but then he really wasn't moving.

"Hey, I know that guy. I want to buy that bottle of pop," he stammered.

"Dute, ya ain't buyin' my pop," the dude popped back.

"Seriously, I know that guy. He owns a service station in Clarkston."

"Ya ain't gettin' it."

"Come on, I'll give ya 10 bucks." It was a $1.29 bottle.

The guy walked over to the Jones Soda and looked through the collection of bottles.

"Jones Soda allows regular people to send in pictures and they end up on bottles," the clerk said. He had walked over and taken an interest in the guy's predicament.

"Really. That guy is Dick Morgan. He owns a service station down in Clarkston."

"Well, they only put the pictures on a specific flavor. The dude who bought the soda was buying a cream soda. So that's all you have to look through. I think."

The guy went back to Clarkston. He went to Morgan's Service the next morning.

"Mr. Morgan, you're on a bottle of pop. Your picture is on Jone's Soda. I saw it up in Flint."

Dick Morgan didn't know what to say. He thought the customer was putting him on.

"I'm not on a bottle of pop," he said.

"Really, Mr. Morgan. You're on Jones Soda."

Mr. Morgan and his son, John, found a bottle at Rudy's Market right down M–15.

Grandpa Morgan was on a bottle of Cream Soda, back in '00.

When I found out that Grandpa was on a bottle of Jones, I thought it was so cool. It was about eight years ago. I went on a wild–goose chase to find as many bottles as I could. I found them at party stores, Bennigan's, gas stations. I found them wherever I could. I bought them for relatives, for Grandpa. In the end, I had bought 37 bottles with Grandpa's picture on it. And therein lies the reason I am still trying to get one of my pictures on a bottle of Jones.

I just think it would be cool to buy a Black Cherry Diet Jones and see a picture I took on a bottle.

We often say, "Hey, that's a Jones Soda picture." So, won't you consider voting!

Won't you please consider voting for this picture of Courtney and Justin at the Harbor Days Grande Parade in Elk Rapids, Michigan. Thanks!

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Brad said...

would love to vote for one of your exchange for a bottle with a pic of Mr Morgan on know where to contact me.