July 05, 2009

The Tigers and the 4th of July

The Tigers were 43–43 on July 4, 2008. They were 56–28 in 2006; 48–34 in 2007. In that magical season of '03, they were 20–64. You wondering about 1984: 55–25. This year, they sit in first place, holding off the White Sox and Twins. It's the usual suspects in the American League Central.

The Tigers are having a good season, and no one seems to be running away with any other division in baseballs. The Dodgers are having a nice season in the National League West — but the other teams in that division are having TERRIBLE seasons.

I outlined some scenarios recently, and hope the Tigers are ready to make some noise in the trade market. They are playing from a position of power — although, they don't have a lot to offer in terms of prospects.

It should be a fun second half to the season.

Brandon Inge deserves to be on the American League All Star team in St. Louis.

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