July 11, 2009

There tearin' it down now, but it's just as well

Last night, I watched the Tigers beat the Cleveland Indians. Lori and I stayed in the city at the Holiday Inn Express (what does that say?) and got up this morning and drove to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull.

I took about 20 pictures, trying to find some different angles.

Lori said, "You can walk all you want; this doesn't really interest me." She didn't mean it in a bad way, but what she probably meant was, "We've stopped here so many times since the place closed 10 years ago, when are we going to stop?"

My logical answer was, "It's getting close to the end."

How can so many people be taking so many picture of a stadium, or a place, where "they used to play baseball" ? Really, I've stopped at the site so many times during the past 10 years, I couldn't tell you. I've introduced people to the place the Tigers used to play. I've visited with people I used to go to games at the Corner with. I don't know; I couldn't just let it go without a few hundred pictures.

Looking at Flickr, though, there are many people who feel how I do. There are shots folks have gotten that are awesome. I'm envious of the 20 or so photographers who were able to visit and take many pictures a few years back.

I can't tell you what I was thinking when Lori took this picture today. I was just looking at a few acres, lots of Cat equipment, and an angry looking security guard.

Billy Joel once sang a song called "This Is The Time." It was on his 1986 album "Bridges." To a 15–year old, the album was okay, but too deep. All these years later:

"We walked on the beach beside that old hotel
They're tearing it down now
But it's just as well ..."

It really is "just as well" that the city of Detroit's leaders decided that there was no sense in preserving the 100–year–old landmark for future generations. Why would anyone want to visit a museum, or walk along the field where legends once roamed?

Lori said, "It sure must be costing a pretty penny for this demolition."

"Yea," I mumbled. "It might have been cheaper to preserve it."

I wonder. I wonder whose pockets got greased. It was a sudden decision to tear 'er down ... I mean, they waited on things for 10 years. Why the sudden decision to demolish the whole thing? Somebody made out okay on the deal. Don't you think?

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brad said...

let it go rick, let it go....educators are the the absolute worst when it comes to change....change is a great great thing..grasp it and run buddy. should have tore that rickety old place down years ago. its not like it was yankee stadium, the house that ruth built, or the place jeter preserved. it was tiger stadium. ron leflore...chet lemon...ty cobb...and for crying out loud....LARRY HERNDON....LET IT GO