July 24, 2009

Nothin' like a Detroit News and hot cup of coffee

We just spent a few days camping at Silver Lake State Park. We bought the camper, a '93 Hornet by Damon a couple of years ago, but have only taken it to Elk Rapids for Harbor Days prior to this year's trips to Cedar Point and Silver Lake. Below, you can see some of the pictures from the trip. It was relaxing, and fun — but a little cold and rainy ...

Sun setting over Silver Lake on Wednesday, July 22.

Lori, in front of the Little Sable Point Lighthouse.

A sailboat from the top of the lighthouse.

The best part of camping: a nice, hot cup of coffee and a Detroit News. I bought more newspapers (including the Free Press and Grand Rapids Press) the few days we were at Silver Lake State Park than I have in the past year.

Not to get too political on ya, but I thought this minivan was an interesting shot. That Obama–1 missile nailing "our economy" says a great deal.

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