July 31, 2009

Haven't we read this story before ...

It looks like Joel Zumaya is heading home for the rest of the summer.

He stood like a king on October 14, 2006, and showered the crowd with champagne. He may never have another moment like that. He was Zoom Zoom, Z–gas; he was "what it is" back in '06.

He was the rookie, really the MVP, of that 2006 squad. He didn't receive that recognition, but he had an incredible year. If Zumaya came into the game, you knew we were in good shape. He was that lights out!

In the World Series, he made a couple of errors that stood out. Big PFP errors that affected the outcome of the Series.

He has been injured every single season since. He might never complete a whole season. He's certainly not "lights out" any longer.

He could qualify for "cash for clunker."

It begs the question that I often asked about Mark Fidrych: "would you rather have a 15 year average career or one incredible year?"

Well? That question is going to Zumaya ...

The first and only chapter in Zumaya's autobiography will be 2006: That (Almost) Championship Season. Maybe he'll write about motorbike wrecks or keg stands with college kids. Who knows. But it looks like Mr. Damaged goods is done for another season.

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