July 03, 2009

The case of the turtle–like computer

The original "thesis" or Rick's Writing Again aimed at education, baseball, and entertainment. Lately, I've written about all three, so I've stayed true to the original intention. Since I started RWA in 2006, I've posted several times and still enjoy sitting down and composing. Today, I'm going to write about something that relates to all three. The computer.

Today, I'll write about what's on my mind. I'm writing at my aging Dell 2350 right now. It's had it's problems; a hard drive died, a monitor died, spyware zapped it, etc. I have two hard drives inside the computer – a 40 GB that the computer came with originally and a 120 GB that I added. The 120 GB was large when I bought it and installed it — plus, I never thought I would run out of room.

It's divided into three drives:

  1. Music (G)
  2. Pictures (H)
  3. Work (I)
All of the drives are filling up. I've had three different external hard drives, the first two died. Too bad I used the first external as a main drive; I lost lots of pictures and songs when it died for no apparent reason. I've added programs, subtracted programs. I've maintained the machine well. It's getting slow, though. It doesn't move from function to function well. If I wanted to work in Photoshop right now, the transition period would be frightening.

There's no sense in purchasing a new Dell desktop computer, though. Does anyone really buy desktops anymore? If they do, why? My work Apple Macintosh PowerBook is incredible. It's getting full (apparently, I create large files regularly) but it's a great machine.

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Thanks for reading Rick's Writing Again. I'll be back tomorrow.

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