June 24, 2009

Cedar Point — a place with history


(1) My first trip to Cedar Point was back in 1976 or 1977 (I'm sure a commenter will straighten out this information) and the highlight of the trip was the super slide — 15 slides, side by side, and you needed a burlap sack to ride down. Hey, I was four or five. The only picture that I remember from any of the trips to CP in the 70s is one of me red faced. Must have been a long, hot day.

(2) Mom used to be a Mary Kay associate and — for years — I thought the UPS man was the Mary Kay man. He'd deliver Mom's shipment, so he must work for Mary Kay, right? (No, I have no idea what the UPS might have stood for in this scenario).

(3) I first saw those three-trailer semi trucks on the way to Pennsylvania in the '80s. I always thought they were cool and never had taken a picture of them. I know why now ... they're hard to capture. We kept trying. We did have one good shot of one on the way out, but someone else has those cameras now. I hope they're enjoying the pictures as much as the kids who took them would have.

Cedar Point is huge. It's always been huge, but I don't know what people did there in the 70s because there were only a few roller coasters. Now, there are 16, and many of them are busy all day long.

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