June 26, 2009

Amazing First Times

In 1976, I finally convinced my mom to let me have a Big Mac at the McDonald's in Clarkston, Mich. It had always been hamburgers and fries (plus a chocolate shake, I'm sure). This was before Chicken McNuggets. That first Big Mac ... yummy and delicious. Addicted from the beginning.

In 1977 or 1978, we discovered a place called Wendy's in Flint, Mich. Keep in mind, this was still before the mass proliferation of fast food on every corner and in everyone's freezer. I used to like to go shopping with Grandma Morgan and Mom just on the chance that we could go to Wendy's for lunch. Delicious. Luckily, there was one tucked away on the "other side" of Traverse City when we moved up north in 1979.

Meijer's Thrifty Acres near Kalamazoo in Grand Rapids was a unique store. I never really thought how great the store was until I started shopping for my own groceries. But, in the early '80s, I remember Mom saying, "I'm not shopping for groceries at a department store." That was when we had department stores ...

It was probably 15 years ago when I tried a Boston Cream donut at Tim Hortons in Waterford. I don't know how I ended up there; I was probably going on a tire run with Grandpa and he said, "Let's pull in there and get a donut and coffee." Back then: donut yes; coffee know. Funny how our tastes change over the years.

It was '76 (jeez, does everything happen when you're four or five?) and I went (reluctantly, by the way) to a "stupid double header" in Detroit. The Tigers were playing the Orioles, it was helmet day, and it was HOT. And even though I complained, I think I enjoyed that ball game. I remember Grandma and Grandpa Morgan constantly listening to the Tigers games and talking about all the players like they knew them. Even thought I wasn't a baseball fan in '76, I will never ever forget walking down those long bridges and seeing that green, green specially mowed grass with the unique summer smell that combined so cleverly with the Ball Park Franks' aroma in the air. Seeing that baseball field, watching it come alive before my eyes ... What a great place. [This could lead to another post: my first Opening Day in Detroit; first playoff game; first World Series game; last Tiger Stadium game; first ... last]
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