May 19, 2007

Saturday Morning Ramblings

Did you see Tigers rookie phenom Andrew Miller threw six shutout innings in his first major league start? Everything about last night's game reminded me of the World Series last year except that the Tigers scores some runs, fielded some balls, and won the game. Seriously, though, Miller looked good. So did that Sheffield dude.

Thursday evening, I presented my thesis to a small audience at Central Michigan University. Now, all that stands between me and my Education Specialist Degree is some paper work. Wow! A lot of work and now it's time to think about the next degree.

My parents came down to the presentation and then we went to dinner at Lonestar in Mt. Pleasant. The salads are huge and the chili was spicy. I thought things were all wrapped up and everyone was happy with the closure of the degree.

Earlier in the week, my assistant softball coach, Jan, said he'd like to go for a beer or two after practice and maybe we should have the team practice from 3-5. He said he knew I wouldn't be there until later in practice, but it would be a good idea, especially with the big tournament on Saturday. Sounded good to me.

I called Ken, the Tuna Can, and invited him to come down for a couple beers. He's helped out a little bit this year and I told him we were having a coach's meeting.

"Besides, Malinda is going camping," I said. "You used to like to hang out."

He wouldn't give in, but finally said, "Okay, but I won't be there by six."

I stopped at the dollar store on the way to the Brickyard and made my way to the bar. Besides, Lori wasn't going to be there until 6 p.m., anyway ....

We walked into the 'Yard and I said to Jan, "Looks like somebody's having a birthday party." Several tables were pulled together and there were a bunch of balloons. Then, when I saw Lori at the table, I figured out what was going on. Nobody was having a birthday, but a bunch of people were having a surprise celebration. Pretty cool.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and celebrated with me. It meant a great deal to me!

(I have to get ready to run our softball tournament now. Have a great day!)

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