May 09, 2007

Rick's Writing Again (On Saturday)

How many of you have heard the live version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird?" Ronnie Van Zant shouting out, "What song is it you wanna hear?" is a great introduction to the song.

What about "Are You Ready for Some Football?" For years, that was the lead-in to ABC's Monday Night Football. That was Hank Williams, Jr.

Losey asked me several weeks ago if I would be interested in helping him out at the Hank Williams, Jr./Lynyrd Skynyrd dual-headlining show at the Palace of Auburn Hills. He told me I need a "better" camera than the one I have ... I've worked on coming up with one, but no one wants to loan me one.

I'll be there to help Losey out, though. It should be a good time.

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