April 12, 2007

The Ten Worst Cover Songs Ever

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Top 10 Worst Cover Songs

words: Rick Heitmeyer

Cover songs are often afterthoughts. Once in a while, a gem shines through the muck like the Atari’s version of’ “Boys of Summer,” but all in all that that seems rare. We take a look at the ten worst cover songs ever.

10: We’re An American Band - Poison (2006)
On their greatest hits package the hair-boys wanted a comeback, but taking the luster away from Grand Funk Railroad was not the way to do it.

9: Leader of the Pack - Twisted Sister (1985)
Twisted Sister included a gruesome version of this 50’s smash. They never had another hit.

8: I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll - Britney Spears (2002)
Before pre and post Federline, Spears destroyed the Joan Jett classic.

7: Turn the Page - Metallica (1998)
A hit for Bob Seger off Live Bullet in ’76, twenty two years later Metallica butchered it.

6: American Pie - Madonna (2000)
Madonna’s version doesn’t include the complete original song and that’s a good thing.

5: Faith - Limp Bizkit (2001)
What’s next, George Michael covering “Nookie?”

4: Feel Like Makin’ Love - Kid Rock (2003)
More sincere than Bad Company’s original … until Rock screams the chorus.

3: (Oh) Pretty Woman - Van Halen (1982)
Roy Orbison has rolled over many times with this awful cover.

2: The Spaghetti Incident - Guns ‘n’ Roses (1994)
GNR released two albums the same day. Throw-away punk and glam covers ended up as a confused follow-up.

NUMBER ONE: Lips of an Angel - Jack Ingram (2007)
Country crooner Ingram sounds like a drunken dad singing karaoke.


Tuna Can said...

Congrats Rick, you got published in a Rock & Roll Website! (Is it still considered "Published" on a website?) I don't know how you pulled it off, you must have a connection we don't know about :) Anyway, it must have been hard to include Kid Rock, but, it was a good call. Have you heard my karoke version of Kid Rocks "Cowboy", I think I should release it as a single. What do you think?

indygirl25 said...

Hmm, I actually like some of those, but I definitely agree with your #1 pick. Why did they think that was a good idea???

Unrelated, I'm doing very well, but anxious for summer. You?