April 01, 2007

150,000 Lbs. of Pork Annually

I heard that the Embers, a Mt. Pleasant tradition, is going to be closing its doors soon. Apparently, with the economy in Michigan, the fine-dining experience is not something people find time for in their budgets. Michigan's economy is clearly in terrible shape. Today's Detroit Free Press has an editorial on the FRONT PAGE about the troubles in Lansing.

This is taken from the Ember's Web site: The Embers Restaurant of Mt. Pleasant is a family-owned, independent business which has served its customers for almost 50 years. Since our beginning in 1958, we have served hundreds of thousands of guests in a unique restaurant setting with outstanding food and exemplary service. We have worked long and hard to earn our reputation for distinguished dining with gracious elegance, and pride ourselves on our outstanding staff and customer service.

Always looking to respond to our customers, we recently renovated our main dining room and offer a wide variety of culinary delights to fit anyone’s tastes. Our two on-going “glories” include the Famous One-Pound Pork Chop (originated by Clarence Tuma, founder) and the Peas-and-Peanuts salad; both items continue to be our “signature” items and people travel from miles around to try these specialties.

I have only eaten at the Ember's a few times over the years. It's always an elegant dining experience. During the past year or so, the Ember's has even initiated "come as you are dining" to bring people in for dinner. It hasn't worked. It's another sad aspect of today's economy.


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