March 10, 2007

Benches clear in Lakeland

Benches clear
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The Tigers lost to the Red Sox today. After Red Sox starter Josh Beckett plunked both Gary Sheffield and Magglio Ordonez, reliever Todd Jones brushed back cry-baby outfielder J.D. Drew. He complained to the umpire to immediately ejected Jones.

Leyland argued the decision, then got into a disagreement with the third base coach of the Sox. Jones suddenly came running back across the field. Then Leyland led a charge toward the Sox. Both benches and bullpens emptied. It was interesting. Jones and Leyland were both ejected.

A side note is that Ordonez left the game. I'm sure he was checked out because Beckett beaned him. He lay on the ground for a few minutes before he got up.

This bad blood could boil throughout the season.

After the game, Jason Grilli said it is just a part of the game. "We have to go out and beat their butts," he said. "We can't focus on this."

Curtis Granderson said, "it's just ... you don't want players getting injured." He said that's what Manager Jim Leyland was upset about.

Let's go Tigers!!!

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