February 13, 2007

San Diego Chargers take a page from the Lions Management Book (Good Idea)

Remember when the Lions reneged on General Millen's public promice to Marty Mornhinweg that he would remain as the team's head coach and then fired him when Steve Mariucci became available? Well, a similar thing happened in San Diego. Marty Schottenheimer, a successful coach who has never won the game that mattered (i.e. the Super Bowl), was on his way out after a playoff loss to the New England Patriots.

The Chargers' front office shocked everybody, though, when they announced that Schottenheimer would return. But, after three top assistants left for jobs elsewhere, the team pulled the carpet out from under him. I guess the old adage is coaches are hired to be fired. But this is another strange example. The proverbial "vote of confidence" is empty these days.

Of course, San Diego's 14 wins this year are nearly as many as General Millen has in his half-decade in the Motor City.


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