January 24, 2007

saying goodbye

saying goodbye
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Boston Fan in Michigan (Flickr) has this photo of the Old Battle Ship at the Corner ... Looks like destiny is closing in in the form of some nasty looking clouds. We're enjoying the calm before the storm. It won't be long, April 2, that we will all be able to visit one of the greatest memory-builders ever.

I was looking through a binder of autographed baseball cards last night and it's hard to believe that I have acquired the signature of many Hall of Famers during the last 25 years. It's amazing that some of these guys who I remember collecting their rookie cards are now retiring and possibly only five years from the Hall.

What a great sport baseball is. I often consider baseball a metaphor for life (i.e. "he already has two strikes against him in life" and everyone knows what you mean ...) I have enjoyed baseball since 1979. I attended games at Tiger Stadium as far back as 1976 (double headers, at that) but never really got interested until that Gibson kid arrived in '79. Don't really know why he caused me to like the game, but he showed me how to play baseball.

It was the Pirates in the first World Series I really remember. The first Fall Classic I remember watching nearly every game of was in 1980, the Phillies against the Royals. Tug McGraw showed me that baseball could be fun. Once asked the difference between Astroturf and grass, he replied, "I don't know, I've never smoked Astroturf ..." If he said that during the 1980 Series, it went way over my head! It was only a few years, though, that the Tigers were in the classic in the fall ... and World Champions.

Quite a thrill for a seventh grader to attend the Series. Who am I kidding, it was quite a thrill for a 34 year-old to attend a Series game last October. Hopefully, they'll be back next October!


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