January 28, 2007

The Posse Feat. Losey

The Posse Feat. Losey
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Yes, the rumor is true. Steven Douglas Losey, the venerable rock 'n' roll journalist who dabbles in the baseball business, showed up at the Pub on Saturday night.

He brought a couple of guitars and a quest for knowledge. He wanted to learn more about myspace, Squidoo, and all the other buzz-building technologies out there. So, if you want to, check his MySpace out and become a friend (he really wants friends!).

He played a few tunes on his acoustic guitar, including a request for my mom, "Margaritaville." Yeah, we all stood around the bar singing the words to the classic Buffett song from '77. A good time was had by all ..

Check out my Flickr pics from last night, as well.

As always, thanks for tuning in ...

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Anonymous said...

What...you guys sang MY song! Did you step on a poptart? Now I am really sorry that I missed another night at the pub! Oh well there is next time!