January 02, 2007


The orange wall with some pieces put back up.

Sister-in-law Aimee did most of the painting. Thanks!!!

The mirror goes onto the wall. Thanks again Grossbauers!

Welcome to a brand new year!

It's hard to believe it's already 2007. It seems like just yesterday we were welcoming 2006 ... life goes really fast these days.

For our New Year's Eve gathering, we rolled out some new features: a bright orange and blue hallway leading downstairs, the Heitmeyer Pub mirror is on the wall, and several more items were finally displayed. The Pistons championship mirror (which we had hoped to replace with a Tigers mirror in October ...) was finally moved to the south wall.

On December 30, Huck and I worked on moving the mirrors, other items, etc. We were using my hammer drill to drill into the cement block walls. Well, it took about 7 minutes to drill a hole (thus the reason that I hadn't displayed everything I wanted to on the walls ...) Huck took a break so I decided to work on drilling another hole.

"Splitttlecrackel" the bit broke right in half. Oh no, what to do ... We considered going to The Home Depot in Mount Pleasant to get a new bit, but Huck called his dad who lent us a different drill ... The rest of the drilling took about seven minutes (about 15 holes ...)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Your basement is looking good! TMG