January 25, 2007

Steven Douglas Losey and Ted Russell Kamp

Losey has himself a blog over at MyFox Detroit. You can help him create some buzz for his many projects by visiting the blog, reading what he's up to and checking out Fox's exclusive video of Tigerfest '07.

It doesn't seem like it was only two months ago that Huckins and I attended the Shooter Jennings show at the Intersection in Grand Rapids with Losey.

Since then, Shooter and the .357's have been rocking and rolling out West and getting ready for a world tour while Losey's been blogging. He's also been writing for a number of nation publications. In fact, in the newest edition of Bass Player Monthly, Losey has a feature about the bassist for the .357's, Mr. Theodore Kamp.

Well, there's a lot going on in the entertainment world these days. You can keep up with what's happening by visiting sites like Reddit, Digg, and keeping track of everything with Delicious. You can also build yourself a lens on Squidoo and to make things ring even louder, maybe create a MySpace site. The Internet helps to create a buzz and allows for connections and communications between diverse groups. Keep on rockin' in our free world.


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