January 17, 2007


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I just have to write this .... Look at Curtis Granderson on the Tigers Caravan today (Jan. 17, 2007). This picture is from Charles V. Tines from the Detroit News. I am so impressed with Grandy's appearance: a suit! I won't knock anyone else's "style" on the tour, but I have to give props to Curtis.

Just seeing how much he cares about being a professional really makes me think that he is going to have a solid career. He seems to have things pretty straight up top. I know that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a superstar, but in today's world where athletes (actors, performers, etc.) seem clueless, this is pretty cool.

Curtis, thanks!


eagleone said...

Nice post, but is that a suit or a suite?

Rick Heitmeyer said...

Noted. Changed. It's a sweet suit!