January 15, 2007

Detroit Tigers Baseball Club

Detroit Tigers Baseball
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Hey everybody, the Tigers Caravan hits the road this week. In years past, they would visit remote places like Traverse City (yep, checked that one out) and Mt. Pleasant (braved a terrible snow storm but made it up there). This year, they're not going to venture to far out places like that. Since there doesn't appear to be a great opportunity to check things out, I guess I'll miss the caravan in '07. Tigerfest is Saturday, and they sold out (SOLD OUT) all 12,000 tickets.

When I visit Spring Training in Lakeland this year, there will probably be more than the 10 people who were there in 2004. Really, only a handful of us were hanging around, talking to players, and all that. And that was just after they signed that guy to back Brandon Inge up at catcher for 10 million dollars. Pretty cool, I think, that BI just cashed in on a sizable deal for himself.

In Mt. Pleasant, I said to him, "Mr. Inge, what do you think of the Tigers thinking of signing a guy for 10 million dollars to be your back-up." He said, "I like the way you think." I often wonder if he remembers anyone saying that to him ...

It's getting close to the 2007 season!

Let's go Tigers! Eat 'em up!

April 2 ... just a few weeks away.

By the way, don't you love that "D" ?

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Lakeland Local said...

When will you be in Lakeland? I've got tickets for 3/10 (Red Sox), 3/25 (Yankees), 3/28 (Dodgers), and 3/30 (Yankees), but I may end up missing either the first Yankees game or the Dodgers game.