December 21, 2006

An Update on the Tour

All right, sometimes you just don't realize how far some places are from each other. Even when it seems like we live in such a small world, the distance between Pittsburgh and Boston is suddenly about 10.5 hours. Whoa! Boston's out (sorry, Red Sox Nation). Baltimore is in. We'll get to see the O's play the D'Backs, featuring their new bench coach Kirk H. Gibson. Will he be wearing #23?

Baltimore is appropriate since it is the hometown of one of the greatest baseball players ever, George Herman Ruth. You might know him as The Babe. Edgar A. Poe is also from Baltimore. In fact, he died in a gutter there. Gruesome! Fitting end for a great scary literary author ...

Right now, we start out in Detroit Rock City, drive 286 miles to Pittsburgh, then 305 miles to Philadelphia. Next, we'll got 105 miles to Baltimore and 39 to D.C. New York is about 225 miles north, then Cleveland is 477 miles west. Canton (Pro Football Hall of Fame, for the football coaches on the trip ...) is 59 miles south. Fort Wayne (Mr. Lorenzo, can we visit again?) is 218 miles west. We're only 160 miles from Chicago now and another 93 from Milwaukee. Back across Lake Michigan and we're back in the homeland.

Yeah, for you doing the math ... nearly 2,000 miles.

Just remember, sometimes you need some " ... time off for bad behavior!" Or at least, some time off for nine baseball games in 10 days! We'll have to do more research on all the places we'll be visiting ... Could there be more to a city than baseball? Nope. Probably not!

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