December 13, 2006

Santa Claus Came to Town

Sheridan Elementary School had a very special visitor today.

Santa Claus showed up on special trip from the North Pole.

He appeared on the morning television show with several third graders and me. He actually fell asleep waiting to be on the show, but some resourceful third grade boys were able to shake him awake. He informed the kids that most of them are on the "nice" list but some need to try a little harder. He also mentioned some teachers are on the naughty list!

After the announcements, he visited every classroom and talked to the students about his upcoming "World Tour." He also asked them about their favorite reindeer (Wow! I think kids aren't learning the reindeer names anymore these day! The only one they know has a red nose!) A few students actually were able to quickly tell him that there are 12 days until Christmas.

Many more could tell you there are only five days until vacation though!

I'll have to send a letter to Santa thanking him for coming to the school today and remind him of the books that I really want for Christmas! I think I already e-mailed him the list one time ...

Have a great night everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Ho Ho have you been a good little boy??