November 18, 2006

Shooter Jennings

Ted Russell Kamp, Shooter Jennings' bassist, was pretty cool last night. He spent a few minutes with us, talking about the band and where they'd been, what they'd done, and all that. Pretty much, their lives are taken up by the constant tour.

They're working toward their breakthrough. Kamp says it's not about the money or the fame, it's about the music. But when you have three major label releases under your belt, you've got to be thinking about the "tipping point." That moment when you go from having a cult following, a few fan club members, and all that, to suddenly a time when EVERYBODY KNOWS YOUR NAME.

I'm rooting for them. Both of Shooter Jennings' albums are pretty good. His first, Put the O Back in Country is actually darn good. I borrowed Losey's copy just to see if it's worth adding to the CD collection. Thanks for checking in.

The photo that accompanies this is of Ted, playing the bass last night in Grand Rapids at the Intersection.

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